• LED Track Lighting

    LED Tracks lights work for you by acting on the following advantages over traditional lighting systems for both the buyer and consumer.

  • LED highbay

    Highpower LED highbay for industrial lighting, warehouse, farm etc.

  • LED Recessed Downlight

    High quality, die cast aluminium recessed downlights that can be installed into all types of applications.

  • Projector&profile spotlight

    All profile spots and moving heads can projectors as well as light sources. It equipped with gobo holders in a wide range of sizes.Provided any kind of fixture and gobo, can project a company logotype in full color with intricate details.

About Us

Foshan Aurora Technology CO., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, which integrates R&D, production,marketing and customer service all into one first-rate and first-class business. Head-quatered in China,the company has Offices in China and United States, and supplies LED bulbs, track lights, Downlight,High & Lowbay,Projection & profile spotlight, floodlights,strip lights, desk lamps and many other advanced LED lighting.


Contact us

  • No12 Baiyan Four ST. Foshan, Guangdong, China
  • Telephone: +86-757-82226490